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FAQ's about vacation rentals


What kind of vacation homes will I find to rent?

In Rent and Visit we try to diversify our offer. We have vacation homes classified as flats, Villas, Houses, Cottages, Studios, Farms and Chalets. The classification of the property is made by the owner, within the criteria set by Rent and Visit. 

Which location may I choose as a destination?

In Rent and Visit you may choose the destination that suits you more to spend your holidays.
When accessing Rent and Visit’s page, you may choose the destination regarding the theme you want – City, Countryside, Beach, Sky or Golf. If you prefer a more romantic environment, desire to explore the gastronomy of the country, want to know more of its history or simply wish to enjoy the best leisure and fun locations, Rent and Visit has what you are looking for. You may choose any location in the world that you wish to visit during vacation time and rent one of the properties available in that particular destination.

May I rent a vacation home for a long period of time?

Rent and Visit acts as an intermediary in the renting of properties for short periods of time, during vacations or leisure moments. When you choose the vacation home you like more, you should contact the owner and indicate the stay period you want. Rent and Visit is not responsible for the conditions imposed by the owner, but we work towards the objective of providing the best hosting service.

How do I know that the property I want is available when I want it?

In the main page of Rent and Visit’s portal you can select the vacation properties you want to see using the toolbar available, choosing the destination, theme or dates in which you want to travel. If you want the vacation home to have certain characteristics, you can search for it using the search engine for Advanced Searches in the main page of Rent and Visit.
After selecting the wanted property, you will access its availability calendar, where you can see if it is already reserved or not. You will always be able to contact the vacation rental owner for more informations through the online questionnaire or even by phone.

How can I search based on the price of the vacation rentals?

When you access Rent and Visit´s main page, click on “Advanced Search” and then you may do your research based on the criteria “price”. You may even choose first the theme or destination of your vacations and the list of properties you will see will be sorted by the category “price”.

How do I search regarding specific criteria?

When choosing the intended destination or simply clicking on the Globe present in the initial page, then, you must select the option “Advanced Search”. In the following questionnaire you may elect the vacation home you find more suitable considering your demands.

How can I know the promotional properties and last minute offers?

In the initial page you may access, in the top of the page, to the option “Last minute Promotions”. You may also access the promotional area which you will find in the center of Rent and Visit’s main page. In these promotional areas you may obtain vacation rentals in the chosen destination with discount prices, benefit from last minute suggestions, select different “city-breaks” or even see the “all inclusive” suggestions.

How many information requests should I send before making my reservation?

Rent and Visit recommends that you make as much information requests as possible to the vacation rentals owners, in case that the property you want isn’t available.
If you do not receive feedback from the owner in 24H to 48H, we advise you to contact him by phone, in case the number is given in the ad of the property.  

How can I contact the homeowner?

In the properties’ ad you may send the online questionnaire with your data and questions. In this inquiry it is important that you place all the questions you have clearly and in an objective manner so that everything can be fully explained. The homeowner will receive a notification regarding your questionnaire and should be able to answer it within 48H maximum. If you do not get any response after this period of time, we suggest that you contact the owner by phone, which should be given in his own data.

How can I do my reservation?

To be able to reserve a vacation rental you must first send the questionnaire provided in the page of the property. You must indicate your intention of making the reservation regarding its availability during the period of time chosen. 

Each owner has his own procedures regarding the rental process. You must pay attention to the terms and costs in case of cancellation of the reservation. The commercial relationship is strictly held with the owner. Rent and Visit plays only the role of intermediary.

Which methods of payment do I have at my disposal?

Each owner has his own procedures regarding the rental process. In the renting contract must pay attention to the time and payment methods established by the owner. You may always agree with the owner other ways of payment that you think are more convenient or safe.
In Rent and Visit we recommend:
- Bank Transfer
- PayPal
- Credit Card
- Money (direct delivery to the owner)
In Rent and Visit we do not recommend:
- Sending checks by mail
- Sending Money by mail
- Sending Money orders

The owner of the vacation home can help me with the preparations for my trip?

While planning your vacation trip you can always ask for the owner’s advisement about interesting places to visit, activities nearby, important local events, airports and local means of transportation available, as also their distance from the property.
In the main page of Rent and Visit you can also find useful informations concerning your trip and suggestions about leisure activities (shows, cinema, culture and sports). These will complement your vacation stay the best way possible.

What kind of previous informations regarding my stay should I receive from the homeowner?

Before your arrival, the owner must give the following informations:
-The address of the property
- A map of how to get there or the necessary geographic instructions
- Details of access to the property (if necessary security codes)
- How to get the keys or which people to contact after arriving
- Name and contact of somebody in charge in case it is needed during the stay

Who should I contact in case I have a problem during my stay?

The owner should indicate the contact and person you can rely on during your stay. This can be written in the rental contract, sent by e-mail or said at the time of your arrival.
It is the owner’s interest to provide you all the support you need during your stay in his property.

How should I do the check-out of the vacation property?

Each owner has different procedures to do the check-out of the property (take the trash out, remove the sheets and towels, etc.). However, these procedures must be indicated in the vacation property at the time of your arrival or should be discussed with the owner before the arrival. 

How can I know more about the country I am going to visit?

When you choose the property you want to rent during your vacations, there is information about the country where it is located beside the contacts of the owner.
Rent and Visit wants you to benefit the most the property you will rent and the country where it is located, enjoying your vacations as much as possible. Therefore we provide you cultural and historical information about the country you choose to visit.

I want to receive news with promotions and last minute offers. What should I do?

Rent and Visit wishes to keep you updated about Promotions and our Last Minute Offers, so that you do not lose the opportunity of being the first to make your holiday reservation. In order to receive these and other Offers we have, you only need to register in the main page of Rent and Visit’s Portal, in the Newsletter area or by accessing the Visitor’s area.
If you wish, you may register here!

What does the registration in the site work for?

The registration in Rent and Visit’s Site allows you to be up to date concerning our Latest Promotions and Offers, Suggestions and News. By doing the free registration of your data in the Rent and Visit Portal you can send requests of information to the owners with all the comfort, without having to give your data everytime you use the portal.

How can I rent a car trough Rent and Visit?

When accessing the main page, in the inferior menu, enter the option Rent-a-Car. In this page you will find the Rent-a-Car partners with whom Rent and Visit Works to offer you various options in car rent.

How can I express my opinion about Rent and Visitís service?

For Rent and Visit your opinion matters!
You can leave your opinion in the initial page by accessing the option “Your opinion Matters!” If you prefer you can do it here!

How can I contact Rent and Visit?

Rent and Visit has the objective of providing the best possible service when you want to rent a property for a short duration, vacation time and leisure periods. We are always available to help you with your doubts and concerns or even suggestions you may have for us. You can obtain our phone contacts, e-mail or skype addresses in the main page of Rent and Visit. You just need to choose the option “Contacts”.
If you want just access them here!
If you did not find the answer to your question send us an e-mail to:

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