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Know more about renting holiday houses!

Save More: Half the Price of a Hotel

Control your holiday expenses, saving until 50% of the value you would pay for a Hotel with all your family and enjoy the privacy, comfort and location of your own house.


Maximum Comfort

In Rent and Visit you will find a whole house of your own instead of a narrow Hotel room.
We want you to feel at home even being outside your own.
Rent with Rent and Visit and feel at home!


More room for yourself

A whole house just for you with bedroom, living room, kitchen and, if you wish garden, pool, etc.
More than a suite. Rent and Visit offers you the opportunity of choosing your holiday destination and the accommodation that suits you most, with the privacy that you and your family deserve.


More rewarding Experiences

When renting a holiday house you will travel to a destination where life whether it is in the city, in the village or in the countryside happens in real time. In a Rent and Visit’s vacation house you will be able to meet new neighbours, traditions and customs and you can be a part of them, because it is your house!


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In the end, you save more money while enjoying more of your holidays!

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